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Action and activities in Prague

When considering activities to do in Prague, mostly sightseeing and touring comes to mind. But, there are myriad ways of seeing and experiencing Prague beyond the typical tour or stroll through Old Town. With shopping and casinos, high-adrenaline activities, or time-period cultural dinners and dances, day or night you will find lively entertainment. Let Prague Trips & Tickets help you plan some atypical Prague experiences.

Wenceslas Square has long been the hub of commercial activity. From its inception in the 14th century under the auspices of Charles IV, it was a bustling horse market which over the centuries has morphed into a merchandise haven. Above the square stands the National Museum which was established late 19th century as the main museum building. It is currently closed for renovations, but you can visit one of the other locations, including one just next door. At the metro station exit for “Muzeum” on Red and Green lines is a grand statue of Bohemia's patron saint, St. Wenceslas who lived in the 10th century surrounded by four other saints – Ludmila (Wenceslas' grandmother), Agnes, Procopius, and Adalbert.

This “square” is very long, making it more of a boulevard than square and is easily accessed from all 3 metro lines plus multiple tram lines which run through its center. Stores and shops ranging from locally owned, one-location sites to major international chains can be found up and down this shopping avenue. Two popular shopping centers on the Square are Debenhams from the UK and Van Graaf, which boasts many stylish name brands. You can find big stores like Bata (founded by a Czech in the late 19th century), H&M, Marks & Spencer, Sephora, and New Yorker. Or, some local companies such as La Formaggeria Gran Morava where you can sample fresh dairy products that are made according to Italian recipes with Czech ingredients!

You can stay in some of Prague's famed hotels or just visit them for a meal, coffee, or gambling (at the Hotel Ambassador Zlata Husa). At the Grand Hotel Evropa, while dining or enjoying a drink, you can take in the beautiful Art Noveau architecture and interiors that were featured in “Mission Impossible”. The Adria Praha Hotel property has a rich history dating from the 14th century, but it's modern history as a hotel began in the early 20th century when it was purchased by the current owners' grandfather. Many famous Czech performers entertained hotel guests and Prague residents on the mezzanine stage. It still provides top-notch, green entertainment such as in-house circus, water spring preservation, or presidential election parties. The Jalta Boutique Hotel is classy and boasts an original Andy Warhol screen of Franz Kafka and an underground fallout shelter from the 1950's.

The Rokoko still has its original skylight intact from its architect Emil Kralicek. This hotel is part of Wenceslas Square's intricate covered arcades connecting to the LUCERNA passage where one of Prague's most renown theatre is located. The Lucerna passage and palace are an Art Noveau styled building and passageway connecting two streets around Wenceslas Square. They were built by the former Czech president Vaclav Havel's grandfather with the same name. He intended it to be a hockey stadium, but instead it became a grand ballroom and theatre. The main hall can be rented for large parties and the theatre still shows films. The bar is always a happening place to take in some local action. Or, if you prefer something smaller and calmer, the Tramvaj Cafe 11 is a former tram car now converted into a mini-restaurant. It is located in the heart of the Square where you can watch the busy life passing as you relax over a meal or coffee.

For folks whose preference goes beyond eating and shopping, they can get their adrenaline flowing or just try something new while in the magical world of Prague. Something as simple as go karts are high energy and super fun on Prague's greatest go kart course! For those with higher expectations, tandem jumps from an airplane with an experienced jumper or an indoor wind tunnel that simulates an actual outdoor jump may better suit, The AK47 & M16 Shooting range offers a unique situation – being allowed to shoot weapons usually only highly skilled and trained persons have access to. Professionals give a detailed training session prior to you being “let loose” to shoot. You can book this adventure through our ticket office. It includes pick up and return to the city since this shooting range is located outside of Prague.

Walking around town or jumping from great heights all day long in the elements works up a healthy appetite! A great way to satiate that hunger is to indulge in the old time culture of Czechs. Try a delightfully entertained medieval dinner here in town where you eat with your fingers! You will see and participate in live music and dance. Or for a similar dining adventure, but on a grander scale, there is the Detenice tavern and medieval historic show full of dancers, swordsmen, and a lot of lively entertainment. This is a mini-excursion that requires booking in advance. Be sure to ask our office gals for help booking this trip to the past!

The spirits of Prague, whether they be ghostly or alcoholic, are equally inviting. Come join us for a chilling tour of Prague's lesser known ghosts before heading out to join the night life in the bars and clubs – many of which are located just steps away from our Old Town office. All along Jakubska street you will find the hot spots that locals and tourists alike enjoy going to unwind, relax, and have tons of fun. Of course, you could always join a pub crawl...