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  • Little feet on the cobbled streets

    Traveling with children. Sounds daunting. Very daunting. And, truly it is a challenge. The travel by plane or train, the new customs, the foreign language, and all this on top of the usual demands of having children in general. While in new towns, parents try to enjoy the scenery, take in the cultural events, see the famous sights, and perhaps learn a bit of history or the native language. The operative word here is try. With little people around, a normal stroll down cobble-stoned streets… read more

  • A toast to Prague

    People around the globe know that the Czech Republic brews some of the best beer in the world. Many Europeans take advantage of Prague's easy to access location in the heart of Europe to drop in for a weekend or few days to indulge in the delightful brews at low costs – about 1/3 the price of a pint in Germany or 1/10 of the price in Switzerland. But, beyond the typical Staropramen, Pilsner Urquell, or Gambrinus there are so many other alcohol options that reflect some of… read more

  • Prague transport – on display

    The only Prague tram that doesn’t accept Prague transport tickets is the number 91, which is actually owned by the Prague Museum of Public Transport. Restored 1920s trams operate on this route, complete with conductors in period costume. You will have to buy a separate ticket for the tram, but it is a fun way to see some of the sights, and you might also see the trams rattling around on private hires from time to time. In the summer it operates on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. The… read more

  • Prague transport and days out

    One of the most iconic images in Prague are the red and white trams rolling past on the cobbled streets, and in fact Prague has one of the most efficient and reliable transport systems in Europe, but there is also a lot on offer for lovers of transport and machinery, young or old. So here’s some information on the basics of the transport system:

    Prague has had its trams since the nineteenth century, when first horse-drawn and then electric cars carried people… read more

  • Czech Christmas tradition

    Prague is one of the most magical cities in the world and at this time of year, the atmosphere is even more electric. With Christmas markets on most of the major squares and decorations glittering against the backdrop of the famous buildings and landmarks, Prague is a wonderful setting for a Christmas break, and a great place to do some Christmas shopping. You can find unique presents in the markets and boutiques, which you’ll find around the main tourist areas. One of the largest Christmas… read more

  • Concerts of classical music in Prague

    The winter weather certainly seems to be upon us now, with the nights growing darker and the icy mists descending on the city. But Prague is a place that keeps going no matter what the weather and there is always something to do, regardless of what nature throws at us. On these particularly cold nights, why not try one of the many concerts available throughout the city at a variety of venues? Prague is famous for its musical connections, from classical composers like Mozart, Dvorak, Janacek… read more

  • Why so many marionettes around...?

    One very popular form of entertainment in Prague are its puppet theatres, and you’ll find puppets for sale in many of the souvenir shops in the tourist areas, but what isn’t always obvious is just how rooted in the history of the Czech Lands this sort of show is. Marionettes first came to Bohemia in the late 1600s, brought in by performers from across Europe, notably France, Italy and the Netherlands, but by the 1700s, the Czechs had established their own companies.

    At first these… read more

  • Untraditional way to explore Prague´s most famous places

    When you go to Prague, you should know it´s huge. So is the city center. In case you don´t have much time to spend here in Prague but you want to see as much as possible, or if you´re not a big fan of walking, we offer you solution to your troubles – rent the Segway! It´s easy to control, it´s fast, it´s safe and fun. What else do you need?

    With Prague Segway Tours you will visit all what´s typical for Prague – both the center (Old Town, Lesser Town, Charles Bridge etc.) and a quiet… read more

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