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Little feet on the cobbled streets

19. August 2014 Back to Our Blog

Traveling with children. Sounds daunting. Very daunting. And, truly it is a challenge. The travel by plane or train, the new customs, the foreign language, and all this on top of the usual demands of having children in general. While in new towns, parents try to enjoy the scenery, take in the cultural events, see the famous sights, and perhaps learn a bit of history or the native language. The operative word here is try. With little people around, a normal stroll down cobble-stoned streets becomes an attempt to bring order from chaos. One child wants a snack, another needs to find a toilet, all the while the baby is crying because his feet hurt and can't walk another step.

Being in a foreign country doesn't change the habits of the family members. It just changes the places where those members carry out their habits. Staying close to the intended destinations in the host city can be expensive sometimes. Sometimes, that is a price worth paying. But, fortunately, there are options in Prague that allow tired travelers, whether they be backpackers or families with kiddos, to rest comfortably within a couple minutes walk from the main attractions.

Being in the heart of Old Town offers the perfect situation to get cozy in a little home away from home. Short-term apartments to rent give kids the space they need to nap, play, and feel at home while offering parents the sanity of a cup of home-brewed coffee at the dinner table while they connect with friends or grandparents back home via internet. And, then, when all the members of the family are ready, a walk into the Old Town Square, up to Wenceslas Square, or over the Charles Bridge can be done in minutes...or, in parents' terms, before toddler feet become weary from travel.


So, don't be daunted by the Golden City. Instead, let the town of cobbled lanes and a thousand spires come to life for you and your children by finding the best place to stay within steps of what you want to see and experience a lifelong memorable trip for the whole family.

Written by Rebekah Sramkova

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#1 From: pragensis2000@yahoo.com, added: April 10, 2016 Dobry den, potrebovala bych vedet zda je mozne si objednat The Jazz Boat Trip pro nekoho kdo spatne chodi do schodu. Jak tezke je dostat se do jidelny? Pripadne mi dejte telefonni cislo na obsluhu lodi. Dekuji.
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