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Price: from 580 CZK
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Currency: CZK
Duration: 85 minute(s)
Categories: Theatres
Starting point: Národní 25, Prague 1
Languages: non verbal


Unique collection of curiosities and miracles of the 20th century!

Let the possibilities of black light, luminescent lights, and their visual effects surprise you. Modern dance is supported by perfect black light technique, causing the dancers and objects to levitate, rotate, and seemingly move in defiance of gravity. The contributing elements are inspired by the contemporary world, time, and even dreams add to the transformation of fantasy into the art of moving objects.

The Best Of Image: Pulling from the favorite and best aspects of our other performances, this show compiles dance, mime sketches, and the black theatre metamorphosis of reality. You can peer into the world of all our workshop in one evening and get a taste of our humor. In some dubious neighborhoods, drug dealers offer various hard drugs. In our theatre, we’ve cut a very different mixture of high-inducing entertainment. We will alter your mind in a pleasant way.

Afrikania: Watch the meeting between a married couple on an exotic holiday and a postman who unexpectedly finds himself in the position of reception clerk at an abandoned hotel. The story blends impressive African images, full of various life-like animals thanks to the newest black theatre techniques, non-traditional costumes, and professional dancing.

Black Box: You will encounter a number of new elements in this performance. The combination of interesting props, original music and projection once again provides our multi-national audience with a very unusual experience. Non-verbal sketches reflecting a detective, the unrevealed and unknown crime, and action-packed stories of the culprits and their hunters are interspersed with scenes in "the black".  The hero, acting as a brave and indestructible executor of the Law, chases fleeing gangsters with the determination of a hunting dog.

Cabinet: Please, enter and admire this Cabinet of curiosities and miracles. You will witness a demonstration of unbelievable, yet brilliant, inventions that almost changed the world. Moreover, you will experience the miracles of black light theatre in a way that will change your perception of reality and will touch your soul with music and light.

Galaxia: Let yourself be carried away by an amusing story about ordinary human relationships, which may be more or less affected by the position of the stars and horoscopes compiled by astrologers. Let's move in space and time to an unspecified past and into places, where you can almost touch the stars.  This amazing scenery together with the ancient desire of people to connect their destinies to the movements of the heavenly bodies have inspired performance Galaxia.

Not included
  • Theatre provides wheelchair access and toilet, elevator available
Additional information

Seats are not numbered.
Theatre hall opens 30 minutes before the performance starts. Running time is 75-90 minutes without an intermission. All performances are non-verbal.

Starting point

Theatre IMAGE is located at Narodni 25Prague 1 (Metro Palace).

Information on public transportation:
Car: the nearest places where you can park are under the National Theatre in Divadelni street. These car parks are free of charge every day after 6:00 p.m. It is possible to park also near the entry to the theatre but the number of parking places is limited. If you like to use taxi, we recommend app for smartphones called Liftago - the open market taxi service.
Subway: the nearest station Narodni trida  (B).
Tram: line No. 9, 18, 22 - the nearest station Narodni trida

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Price & Availability

Availability: daily (with some exc.)

Time: 20:00 (with some exc. at 18:00)

Duration: 75 - 90 min. without intermission

One price: 580 CZK

Minimum group size: 1 person

Fees & admissions: The price includes all fees and admission.

Pick up / drop off: No pick up is included as the theatre is in Prague center.


July 2017
1.7. Best of Image
2.7. Best of Image
3.7. Afrikania
4.7. Afrikania
5.7. Galaxia
6.7. Galaxia
7.7. Cabinet
8.7. Best of Image
9.7. Best of Image
10.7. Afrikania
11.7. Afrikania
12.7. Best of Image
13.7. Galaxia
14.7. Cabinet
15.7. Best of Image
16.7. Best of Image
17.7. Afrikania
18.7. Afrikania
19.7. Galaxia
20.7. Galaxia
21.7. Cabinet
22.7. Best of Image
23.7. Best of Image
24.7. Afrikania
25.7. Afrikania
26.7. Black Box
27.7. Cabinet
28.7. Cabinet
29.7. Best of Image
30.7. Best of Image
31.7. Afrikania 

August 2017
1.8. Afrikania
2.8. Afrikania
3.8. Black Box
4.8. Cabinet
5.8. Best of Image
6.8. Best of Image
7.8. Afrikania
8.8. Afrikania
9.8. Afrikania
10.8. Black Box
11.8. Cabinet
12.8. Best of Image
13.8. Best of Image
14.8. Afrikania
15.8. Afrikania
16.8. Afrikania
17.8. Black Box
18.8. Cabinet
19.8. Best of Image
20.8. Best of Image
21.8. Best of Image
22.8. Best of Image
23.8. Best of Image
24.8. Black Box
25.8. Cabinet
26.8. Best of Image
27.8. Best of Image
28.8. Afrikania
29.8. Afrikania
30.8. Galaxia
31.8. Galaxia

September 2017
1.9. Cabinet
2.9. Best of Image
3.9. Best of Image
4.9. Afrikania
5.9. Cabinet
6.9. Galaxia
7.9. Galaxia
8.9. Galaxia
9.9. Best of Image
10.9. Best of Image
11.9. Afrikania
12.9. Afrikania
13.9. Galaxia
14.9. Galaxia
15.9. Cabinet
16.9. Best of Image
17.9. Best of Image
18.9. Afrikania
19.9. Afrikania
20.9. Galaxia
21.9. Galaxia
22.9. Cabinet
23.9. Best of Image
24.9. Best of Image
25.9. Afrikania
26.9. Afrikania
27.9. Galaxia
28.9. Galaxia
29.9. Cabinet
30.9. Best of Image



October 2017
1.10. Best of Image
2.10. Afrikania
3.10. Afrikania
4.10. Galaxia
5.10. Galaxia
6.10. Cabinet
7.10. Best of Image
8.10. Best of Image
9.10. Afrikania
10.10. Afrikania
11.10. Galaxia
12.10. Black Box
13.10. Cabinet
14.10. Best of Image
15.10. Best of Image
16.10. Afrikania
17.10. Afrikania
18.10. Galaxia
19.10. Galaxia
20.10. Cabinet
21.10. Best of Image
22.10. Best of Image
23.10. Afrikania
24.10. Afrikania
25.10. Galaxia
26.10. Black Box
27.10. Cabinet
28.10. Best of Image
29.10. Best of Image
30.10. Afrikania
31.10. Afrikania


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