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Price: from 750 CZK
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Currency: CZK
Duration: 105 minute(s)
Categories: Opera and Ballet
Starting point: Republic Square 4, Prague 1
Languages: not applicable


Let us invite you to the ballet Romeo and Juliet, which is considered to be Prokofiev’s most valued piece of work because of the high melodic inspiration, the great variety of rhythms and the memorable main characters.

The story of Romeo and Juliet is timeless like love itself – a feeling that has accompanied us throughout history. The ballet is based on Shakespeare’s famous drama, which is very popular among dance creators and many leading choreographers. This is not only because of the ever resonating theme of tragic love but also because of Sergei Prokofiev´s beautiful music which is considered to be one of the best ballet scores ever written.

Cast: Soloists
Romeo: Veaceslav Burlac, Miroslav Hradil, Karel Audy
Juliet: Andrea Kramesova, Magdalena Matejkkova, Daria Lazucova
Tybald, Juliet´s cousin - Ondrej Novotny, Karel Audy, Alexandr Kysil
Mercutio - Sergei Gerciu, Veaceslav Burlac, Libor Kettner
Paris, a youngnoble man - Jiri Wanka,Marek Kasparovsky 
Lady Capulet, Juliet´s mother - Karolina Cachova, Klara Zezulkova    
Juliet´s nurse -  Pavlina Mrazikova, Leila Labiodova 
Friar Laulence - Milan Bocek, Daniel Rybicky  

and ballet company

  • See the best scenes of Romeo and Juliet in 105 minutes

Starting point

The Theatre Hybernia, Republic Square 4, Prague 1 is on the opposite side of the Municipal house.

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Price & Availability

September 2017: 2, 16, 25, 28
October 2017: Dates will be available at the end of September

September 2017: 19:30 or 21:30

Duration: 105 minutes (15 minutes intermission)

Category VIP 7-11 row: 1350 CZK
Category A 1-6 and 12-20 row: 1150 CZK
Category B 21-24 and balcony row: 950 CZK
Category C 25-32 row: 750 CZK

Minimum group size: 1 person

Fees & admissions: The price includes all fees and admission.

Pick up / drop off: No pick up is included as the theatre is in Prague center.


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