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Kralovstvi Zeleznic a.s.

In the world, there are only so many pastimes that draw people from childhood through old age and which captivate people who come from all classes, educational backgrounds and vocations. One such of these phenomena is, undoubtably, the model railroad. These trains fascinate children and adults alike by giving them a perfect view of the world of trains in miniature – a perspective similar, perhaps, to the Creator himself.

On three floors, in an area covering 3,100 m2, the first 115 m2 model railway was opened 1 July 2009. The main area of 115 m2 is a model railway displaying the technological and construction elements that are used in other segments of the model of the Railway Kingdom.

Visitors can see several landmarks of the Czech Republic, a moving train yard and lots of other technical "goodies". A system of tiny cameras inside the locomotives conveys to the viewers a driving experience within a miniaturized landscape.

Part of the Railway Kingdom is also a permanent exhibition of the history of railroads in the Czech area and part of the educational program for schools made in the spirit of the Ministry of Education’s modern concept. At regular intervals, the model railroad gradually expanded adding on other segments.

The Railway Kingdom will eventually be a representative model of the Czech Republic. After four years of construction, the tracks reach over 1,008 m2 net area. The Kingdom of Railways will soon become not only the largest model railway in the Czech Republic but also in Central and Eastern Europe.

Visitors will have a chance to view the most important landmarks of the Czech Republic via model train ride places such as Jested, Karlstejn and Prague Castle. The project creators of the Railway Kingdom have maximized the reality of this miniature creation by adding elements such as alternating night-time and daylight and trains running according to a strict timetable.