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SG-point.info s.r.o

Are you interested in unusual travelling through the big ancient cities? Why not to rent a Segway? SG-point.info s.r.o. is providing individual, private tours for three years now using personal transporters Segway i2 (city type).

SG-point.info s.r.o. offers you four different Segway tours from 30 minutes to 2 hours, which will take you not only to the Prague´s famous Old Town, the oldest and the most visited part of the city center, but also for example to the Prague Castle, Kampa island, John Lennon´s Wall and many other renowned places.

Prices are very favorable and the quality of service is on very high level, talking not only about comfort during the ride, but also safety and premium services. SG-point.info s.r.o. also offers free photoservice during the ride on the attached camera with GPS. Photographs are available for download on the internet for free.

SG-point.info s.r.o. is a member of association so all strictly defined rules and safety conditions are followed.