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The ultimate guide about the top things to do in Prague (part 2)




The Astronomical Clock (Orloj)

This is a very significant and culturally relevant landmark that is both awe-inspiring and magnificent. Upon arrival in the majestic Old Town (Staromestke namesti) square in the heart of Prague’s vibrant historical center # #. Would you believe that it is one of the worlds most photographed locations?? Well, it is.

Hundreds of thousands of people make the pilgrimage each year to see the world-famous astronomical clock, located next to the town hall. What makes this attraction so special? Why do o many people from across the globe travel to marvel at this engineering and manufacturing wonder? Its simple. Not only does the clock show the time of the day. It is a fact that it also shows the position of the sun too and the background of the clock (Orloj) represents the earth on the bottom and the blue represents the sky. There are also other amazing astronomical features like signs of the zodiac and a calendar dial that represents shows the months of each year.

It is truly one place that reaches the bucket list of travellers far and wide. Prague’s astronomical clock was designed and built by Master Han Hanuš in 1410. Upon him finishing the work on the clock, the councilors of Prague ordered that Master Hanuš was to be blinded so he could no go to another major European city and recreate the same clock in that city. Upon finding out who had made the order, Master Hanuš had his servant lead him to the clock where he disabled it. For the next 100 years, no one was able to rectify what he had done. Not until 1552 was the clock finally fixed and set working again by Jan Taborsky.

Many restorations have taken place over the centuries on this fantastic monument of wonder, the latest being in 2020. This has unfortunately brought huge controversy surrounding the debate over changing the likeness of the featured Zodiac characters. Today however, the Astronomical clock is still one of Prague’s most famous tourist attractions. It presents an opportunity for people to enjoy a slice of history that is kept restored for future generations to enjoy. If you are in Prague on holiday, it is one site that will capture the imagination of times gone by and leave the viewer in a state of wonder and amazement.

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