Tel: +420 723 306 963, Open daily from 10:00 to 21:00, Prague Time: CET+1

About us

McGee’s Entertainment is a locally owned and operated company right in the historical center of Prague. Since 2007, we have been helping visitors find their way around town, learn the history and tales of the city, and book events they wish to experience. Because we are Prague natives, we know this city quite intimately. Our partners are reliable; we offer a great variety of popular Prague activities; and, we promise to strive to show the best side of Prague to our customers.

Services we offer:

  • Booking service & ticket centre via
    Online booking service and physical office located in the city center. Through these venues we provide bookings and tickets for all kinds of events throughout the Czech Republic. We provide services including, but not limited to, airport transport, sightseeing tours in Prague or other towns around the Czech Republic, and cultural events such as ballet or classical concerts.
  • Evening entertainment via
    Our McGee’s Ghost Tours of Prague are well known and have even been featured on TV shows around the world. We provide a variety of regularly scheduled tours conducted by trained, professional guides. We also offer private tours for groups, either on our established routes or custom designed to meet specific requests.
  • Walking tours & excursions via
    Prague Trips & Tickets also provide their own innovative sightseeing tours for seeing all around on foot and discovering the history of Prague. Our trained professionals blend up to date information with great stories of characters from Prague’s awe-inspiring history to create entertaining and informative walks around town.
  • Accommodation via
    Old Town Home Prague is located in the heart of Old Town, less than a two minutes’ walk from the Old Town Square. Our units are in a 14th century UNESCO building. Our comfortable and adequate rooms are perfect for those who want to enjoy a great location at a great price.

The people behind the company:

Hana McGee, a Prague native, is founder and co-owner of McGee’s Entertainment. She has a plethora of experience in foreign languages and exotic lands. When she settled in Florida, her fascination of the paranormal began forming into the idea of McGee’s Ghost Tours which she founded in 2007. From 2010, the company expanded, adding McGee’s Entertainment and Prague Trips & Tickets online and office locations. Hana begins each day with a strong cup of coffee, loves traveling around the globe, and is most comfortable around earth tones.

Ladislav Prochazka, a native Czech, has been co-owner of McGee’s since 2010. He knows Prague like the back of his own hand. He manages the finances, oversees the accommodations upkeep, and handles all transport operations. Ladislav’s hot drink of choice is tea; he loves gardening and working on his car; he likes the colors blue, green, and black.

Renata Strnadova
runs the reception desk for McGee’s and Prague Trips & Tickets. Her warm smile and broad knowledge of her hometown make visitors feel at home and at ease in Prague. She also updates the website for Prague Trips & Tickets. She’s been with the company several months and enjoys getting to use English everyday.