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Tour Guide (part-time)

A travel agency in the center of Prague is looking for dedicated freelance guides/storytellers with an excellent knowledge of English or German for regular cooperation for our historical and thematic walks. We need people with a passion for history or legends, and with the ability to convey emotions (storytelling). The job is also suitable for novice guides. We prefer guides who are interested in working regularly, at least two tours per week.

We require:

  • ENGLISH or GERMAN at a high level (at least one language at C1 level and above)
  • Must be able to work in the Czech Republic legally
  • Cooperation for at least 6 months
  • Interest in history and sights
  • Reliability and flexibility
  • Nice and polite demeanor
  • Responsibility, discipline, and self-confidence

We offer:

  • Opportunity to expand vocabulary and communication skills in a foreign language
  • Daily contact with people from all over the world
  • Flexible working hours
  • Possibility of working in the city center
  • Salary 250 – 600 CZK / hour (depends on the experience, frequency, number of tours guided)
  • Joy of work and skillfulness rewarded with tips from customers


What are the topics of tours?

We have the historical ones, that submerge you into the city’s past: the All-Inclusive, which combines a walk-through Old Town, a traditional Czech lunch, a cruise on Vltava River, and the famous Prague Castle. The All-Inclusive tour can be also split into two individual tours – the Old Town and the Jewish Quarter, and Prague Castle and River Canal tours. We also have two tours that are specific and dedicated to just one theme: that’s World War and Operation Anthropoid, which touches the subject of the attempt of assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, and the Psychiatric Hospital with the Abandoned Cemetery tour, which lets you see more into the history of the mental health treatment and the evolving of psychiatry. And after all that, we operate two evening tours, which combine the history with the tales of the past, and that’s Alchemy and Mysteries of Prague Castle tour, which takes you through the medieval Prague of Rudolph II., and our most popular tour, Ghosts and Legends of Old Town, where you will learn some darker aspects of the city told by people who lived back then.

Do I have to have experience in guiding tours?

We welcome future guides with interest in history or theatre arts, but even without that, we do not require experience at all. Just be confident and out-going, ready to speak with people and tell stories captivatingly. Everything else we will teach you during your free training. For three weeks in the city centre, 3 hours per one day, you will learn approximately 10 pages of a standard A4 paper, as well as useful techniques such as how to entertain the guests, how to accommodate their questions and how to present your speech in an eloquent and stylish way.

Can I earn with guiding tours for a living?

Yes, but the road there is long. You will begin with one tour. The contracts we are proposing are not full time. However, it is a nice addition to your job or shifts, since we have both daytime and evening tours you can choose from. We can offer you two types of cooperation – ŽL for self-employed, or those who wish to start their own business, or DPP for students, regular workers. Your salary will start at approximately 250 Kč per hour, with every positive review bonus 50 Kč, and a photo of you and your guests bonus 50 Kč, as well as tips that guests give to their guide and storyteller for the well-spent time.

What are my carreer options?

First you will start as a Junior guide. After learning one tour and getting familiar with it properly, and receiving 10 positive reviews, you may learn a second tour and guide both actively to become a Senior guide with a higher salary that can spring up to 600 Kč per hour. All of it depends on your zest and passion and your own time and terms.

Who is in the team of guides?

We have a very broad and international team. Some of us earn by guiding for the living, some have it as an addition to their main job, or even school or university.

How do I sign up for tours?

Every month, we post a link to a schedule, where you mark your availability – either you would like to take the tour, or you can but rather not, or you can’t. Every 25th the whole schedule is approved and posted for you to see and plan your activities accordingly.

Do I have to speak Czech?

Not at all – our other guides come from various parts of the world and speak many other languages. Since the tours are in English and German, we don’t require other languages than that.

Where do I sign up if I’m interested?

We may be looking just for you! Please contact us at “[email protected]”.