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Our excursions help you see even more of Prague and also venture further to attractions outside the city. Witness the chilling Bone church in Kutna Hora, visit the fairytale Castle of Český Krumlov, or take a trip to Plzeň where you’ll taste the original Pilsner beer at the Pilsner Urquell Brewery. Whatever your expedition, our licensed guides will help you get the most out of your journey. Some other great expeditions are the trip to Karlovy Vary, Karlstejn Castle, and the Bohemian Glass Factory tour.

More unforgettable excursions


One day trips and excursions around Prague are theme-based. You can stroll through amazing Czech nature or follow the footsteps of our ancestors.


Day trips or excursions will prove that Prague’s surroundings are truly beautiful and can surprise you in many ways. One of the most beautiful cities in our country is without any doubt Kutná Hora, which is located near Prague. In this ancient town you can go back to the Middle Ages and experience the atmosphere that prevailed in the days of silver mining. At that time when Kutná Hora was at its peak. The most important monument of Kutná Hora is the famous church of St. Barbara. It is followed by the Vlassky dvur, which used to be the royal mint and the royal palace at the same time. 

Natural wonders of Bohemian Switzerland

On a day trip to Bohemian Switzerland you will experience a truly magical nature, dominated by Pravcicka gate. It is located next to Saxon Switzerland and definitely worth visiting. Here you can walk the unique Basteiuv bridge. It connects Bastei with the Neuraten rock. Along the way you can see the ruins of a castle from the 14th century. Other attractions in the area include the Felsenbühne rock theatre, built in 1936, which has a seating capacity of 2,000.

Medieval tavern

For food lovers, a medieval three or five-course dinner is prepared right in the center of Prague. The consumption of drinks is unlimited. How to make the dinner even more special? Medieval performances with swordsmen, mercenaries and belly dancers are all here for you. All accompanied by medieval music. In the evening you will find yourself in a time of the distant past where you‘ll get to know the life of our ancestors. You’ll taste what they ate and find out how they had fun.