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Food & drink tours

Indulge in Prague’s culinary delights with our Food & Drinks Tours. Discover local flavors as expert guides lead you to bustling markets, cozy cafes, and historical breweries. Sample authentic Czech cuisine and beverages, from street food to traditional dishes, and learn about the city’s rich gastronomic heritage. Join us for an unforgettable journey through Prague’s tasty offerings!



Gourmet experiences simply belong to the trip. So why not try a themed food and drink trip? Relaxation in a beer spa is a must! Combine the best delights by going on food and drink tours. It won’t be just a simple walk with a snack here and there. You can explore some of Prague’s most interesting districts, where you’ll not only taste authentic local food, but also meet old-timers who will teach you a lot of interesting things.

Beer in the glass and in the bath!

Beer is a traditional Czech drink, and many Czechs are proud of it. Do you want to become an expert on this golden drink? One of the options is to take part in a tasting and educational excursion. You will taste several types of Czech beer combined with something good to eat and learn about the basic tasting and serving rules of our national drink. Beer doesn’t just have to be a refreshing drink – you can bathe in it too! Beer baths are an increasingly popular option for relaxation. After a beer bath, you can relax on a heated bed and, if you wish, enjoy a nice massage. The Bernard Beer Spa offers unlimited amounts of quality beer for multiple uses.

Let’s party

More demanding ones can visit the international party at Pub Crawl. Unlimited beer, wine, vodka, and absinthe are served for two hours. On top of that, if you head to the other two bars, there’s a welcome drink waiting for you at each of them. Upgrade your evening with VIP access to the nightclub Karlovy Lazne. This nightclub is a short walk from the Charles Bridge. It has five floors and a music club on each floor.