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Walking tours

Walking tours

Because Prague has such a compact city center, walking tours are a perfect way to explore. With a personable guide, you’ll experience and insider’s perspective of this enthralling city. It’s a great way to see a lot of what Prague has to offer in a short amount of time and there are even specialized tours available such as the Ghosts and Legends of Old Town walking tour or Alchemy and Mysteries of Prague Castle! Other tours include the Prague All Inclusive tour, Jewish Ghetto Tour, and the Prague Castle tour.



Walking through the mysterious streets of old Prague is a truly impressive experience. This is where history was often written.

Enjoy an experienced guide and see for yourself that Prague offers many charms and mysterious and unusual places. You will have an amazing experience on a trip to see the ghosts and legends of Prague’s Old Town. Your steps will lead you through the narrow cobbled streets where history was made in the form of murderers, alchemists and immortal spirits of old Prague. 

The Mysterious Jewish Quarter

The Jewish Quarter is another mysterious place that is perfect for walking. In this smallest cadastral area of the capital, you will find a large number of monuments and marks of the old times. In the Jewish Quarter (or Josefov), people certainly did not have an easy life. The inhabitants were almost wiped out by the medieval plague, devastating fires and regular floods. 

  • One of the most mysterious places is definitely the Jewish cemetery, where people have been buried for over 350 years. Today you can still admire around 12,000 tombstones.

Life in Prague during the Nazi occupation

Prague was also the place of important and fatal moments during the Second World War. If you want to find out more about the background to Operation Anthropoid, for example, then you can take a three-hour guided tour. You will get an idea of what life was like in the capital during the occupation and the consequences of the assassination of Reich Protector Heydrich. 

Secrets of the Bohnice psyciatric hospital

Perhaps the most famous psychiatric hospital is Prague’s Bohnice. It has a rather complex history. For lovers of mysteries and mysteriously haunted places, the abandoned cemetery that used to belong to this sanatorium is just the thing. The cemetery, in fact, hints at a dark history in the field of psychiatry.

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