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Prague Trips & Tickets is operated by McGee’s Entertainment s.r.o. and is situated right in the historic heart of Prague. As a locally owned and operated company, our staff have an intimate knowledge of the city and its attractions.

We are offering a unique opportunity to advertise your product with us, to reach the people who need your services and products for their stay in Prague. We can help you make them to have the best stay possible.

Prague Trips & Tickets operates as a reseller for all major attractions in Prague and other sites of interest in the Czech Republic. Our website attracts thousands unique visitors every year from all around the world. We also operate a ticket and information centre in Prague 1, close to the Old Town Square and historic sites.

Advertising on our site can bring your advertisement to a targetted audience, by linking your ad to our search engines, so that visitors searching for your locality and business type will also see your advertisement. Advertising in our store can bring your product or service to the attention of visitors from all around the world.

We offer a range of advertising opportunies, both online and instore, and we have options to suit your budget.

Our Advertising Options

  • Advertising on the screen at the information office Prague Trips & Tickets
    We offer a conveniently situated office in the historic centre of Prague, a few minutes‘ walk from the Old Town Square, Jewish Quarter, Wenceslas Square and river Vltava. We are offering the opportunity to have your advertisement appear onscreen on wall mounted TV displays in store, directly opposite the entrance, so that visitors will see your advertisement as they step inside. Thousands of people step through our door each year, making this a prime spot and an effective way to attract customers.
    Your advertisement can take the form of a TV style commercial that will be shown as part of a loop instore. Payment is on a monthly basis.

  • Banner advertising on our web site
    As well as the Prague Trips & Tickets in Prague 1 operates an online booking and purchase service, where visitors can book a wide range of activities. We are offering the opportunity to advertise on our pages, so that visitors searching for activities can also see the products and services you have available. Your banner would appear alongside the customer’s search results. Payment is on a monthly basis.

    We offer three size options:
    Banner 300 x 160 pixels
    Banner 300 x 80 pixels
    Banner 150 x 160 pixels

  • Logo Exchange
    We can display your company’s logo and link to your site at the bottom of our webpage. This would be a reciprocal arrangement where our logo and link would be displayed on your site. We can offer this service free of charge as long as our logo and link appear on your site.

Contact us at marketing@trips-tickets.com for more details and pricing. Let us know if you have any specific requirements or budgets in mind.

Prague’s tourists are searching for your services. We can help them to find you.